Why I LOVE Running

Why I LOVE Running

I think I have mentioned before but I absolutely love to run, it is by far my favorite type of exercise.  I also do a lot of circuits and weight lifting because I know it helps with my running and also building muscle.  I got into running long ago because of my Mom, she used to run all the time and occasionally I would go with her.  Even though I spent my first run crying, I quickly began to love it too.  Then in high school I ran cross-country, indoor and outdoor track and continued to love running more than anything.  After high school I ran a year of college track and then quit to spend more time running on my own and training for half-marathons.  Now I don't train for any races, I just run because I love it and because it keeps me in great shape. Here I have highlighted my favorite things running does.



Nothing beats a great trail run!

Main Reasons I love Running

Clears my mind 

For me, running is much more than just an exercise, it clears my mind and makes me feel a lot better about what I am stressed about.  One day last summer, my boss was being a total asshole (and thats putting it nicely) anyway he screamed at me, I cried because I cry easily and so I just left work and went on a run.  I spend the first 20 mins or so sobbing and running but eventually it made me feel a whole lot better and realize that its not worth getting that upset about.

Gives me energy

Running makes me feel so energized, which is why I love starting my day off with a run.  It makes me feel productive and it realizes hormones that boost my mood and get me excited for what I have planned for the rest of the day.

Keeps my Cardiovascular System Feeling Great 

Running helps me with all the circuit training I do, spinning, hiking and just everyday life.  Although I 110% recommend lifting weights, there is nothing like running to get your CV system in tip top shape!

Receives Stress 

Whenever I am feeling stressed out about something I always set aside time to run.  During finals week in college I ALWAYS made sure I went running because without it I would be crazy stressed and less productive.  Just taking 30 minutes a day, running, clearing my mind and releasing some stress helps me out so much.


Those are the main reasons I love running, please feel free to share your favorite exercise and why you love it!

  • There is nothing better than a good run! It is the best way for me to clear my mind, especially when I am feeling stressed :)
    • taylormerloni
      I definitely agree! Exercise is the best way to get rid of stress!