What I’ve Been Up To Lately

What I’ve Been Up To Lately

I have been totally slacking at writing posts and being engaged and involved with my blog the past couple months.  Its not that I want to give up doing it, I have just been putting it on the back burner and doing other things that require A LOT of my attention, and unfortunately my blog has suffered.  I am not going to make excuses, I have been busy, but I just have not been putting the effort in or making my blog a priority.  Which I am going to change now.

For those of you who follow my blog, but not so much my life, I figured my first post back would be a what I have been up to the past couple months.  So I wrote about Austin, Texas but that was my last major trip.  I have traveled to Virginia a few times, gone to Boston, New Hampshire, Maine but nothing out of the ordinary.  Mostly, I have just been enjoying the Fall in New England, exploring different career opportunities and trying new workouts, new recipes and new ways to be healthy.

The biggest change that has come my way since my last post is that I accepted a long term substitute position as a Physical Education teacher.  Basically I play sports with elementary schoolers, teach them some things about hand eye coordination (or try to at least) and make sure no one gets seriously injured as they do things they know they aren't supposed to be doing.  Its so different from anything I've done before, its challenging in new ways, its rewarding in new ways, and the kids are just awesome (mostly).

I also still have my personal training job, and my Beachbody coaching job as well.  Both of which are going really well, and keeping me extra busy when I'm not at school.  Beyond work, I have spent a lot of time bouncing between different fitness programs trying to find what works for me, which seems to be a mashup of everything, because I get bored easily and have a hard time sticking with one thing!

Also, a lot of self-discovery has happened as I overwhelm myself with multiple jobs, multiple goals and just things in general I want to do.  I feel like I am always thinking of the future.  What can I do next, where can I go next, what job can I get next, how can I occupy my time? I have a really hard time focusing on the present and enjoying each and every moment as they are.  I just always like to be doing something, and I like to be busy, because I feel most productive when I am busy.  So I have been TRYING to be more present, spend more time meditating, however easier said than done!

With most things I have an all or nothing mentality.  If I am going to blog, I want to blog every single day and nothing less, but unfortunately that is really unrealistic for me right now.  Also, with fitness, I want to do SO many types of workouts and I want to do them every day! But its impossible to lift, run, spin, do circuits and yoga all in one day! I guess I am still learning that less is sometimes more, especially considering the ambitious, no rest personality I have.

So although a lot has changed in the past couple months, a lot is still the same. I do plan on starting to blog more, but I am hoping for 1-2 good posts a week and I'll start with that.  Another idea I have been thinking of is blogging my food journal.  I did a post a couple months ago about quitting diets and quitting telling myself I can't have a certain food, and I still follow that for the most part.  But I do want to be aware of the amounts of food I am consuming and recognize any patterns associated with stress eating or eating when I am bored or whatever.  So a live food journal may be a think that I start in the next couple of days.  I know I am picking a horrible time of year to start making my food journal public! But it can only get better from here I suppose!

Anyway, for my readers that are still following after my hiatus I appreciate it, and to everyone just following my journey, thank you for being with me!