What is BBG?

What is BBG?

The Bikini Body Guide, or BBG for short has pretty much taken over the instagram fitness world and has also made its way into gyms all over the world.  Everyone from young high school girls to Mom's ready to get back in shape have tried this intense workout written by Australian Kayla Itsines, a young woman with incredible abs and incredible motivation.  So what is so amazing about BBG that makes people want to pay almost $60.00 for just 12 weeks? Well for starters, the transformations you see on instagram are pretty damn impressive, and the community that is formed when you start this guide is also pretty amazing.  This workout guide has connected so many young women all over to world with one another.  It inspires others and helps create positive body image and women empowering other women.  It's a no brainer that the BBG community is an amazing one, and definitely one worth getting involved with if you get the chance.


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Now, lets get to the workout.  The BBG is a 12 week program with 3 resistance training sessions a week, 3 low intensity steady state (LISS) sessions and 1 rest and recovery session per week.  The LISS is whatever you want really, walking, running, hiking so it makes it pretty easy to fit into your schedule and it's adaptable to your fitness level.  The resistance training sessions are broken up into a lower body day, an upper body day and an abs day.  All 3 days consist of 4, 7-minute circuits where you complete 4 exercises as many times as you can in the 7 minutes.  I personally did one full12 week round of it, and when I completed it I through in the workouts every now and again, but after the first time it gets pretty repetitive (unless you buy the extension, weeks 13-24).

Overall, BBG was an amazing workout, and I consider myself in pretty good shape, and it was challenging for me. One negative part of BBG, is that it definitely isn't designed for complete exercise beginners, its just way to challenging and there isn't enough direction for the correct way to perform certain exercises.  It also doesn't give modifications to any of the exercises to consider those with injuries or mobility issues.  But, I suppose the target audience is younger girls that hopefully don't have any major injuries anyway, so in that case well done Kayla.

The BBG also comes with a nutrition guide, or meal plan which is very specific.  If you're anything like me something that specific simply does not work for your life.  Things happen, I decide I want one thing for dinner instead of what its supposed to be and it just doesn't workout.  However, for those who do like schedule and planning, I can see where the meal plan would be a great addition to this product. The foods are unique, healthy, filling and definitely not boring at all.

Overall, Kayla's BBG program is an amazing program. She did an incredible job at designing a challenging and affective workout that is doable for most young woman and gets some serious results! The workout also helped create an incredible community that inspires so many people to change their lives, and live a healthier more active life.  Kayla really is an incredible woman (at least I think from what her Insta says, lol) and her workouts are definitely worth checking out!