Tips to Wake Up and Workout

Tips to Wake Up and Workout

I know waking up early is NOT fun, and working out is probably one of the last things you want to do when you drag yourself out of bed at 5, 6 or 7am.  Here are some tips I have to overcome this barrier.


Me right after a great early morning sweat session!!

  • Change your mindset about waking up early.

Your alarm goes off and the first thing you do is hit snooze to post pone your workout.  But if that alarm was set for work or school, you may still press snooze but you would make yourself get out of bed and get ready.  So why is working out any different? In my opinion that alarm set to get up early and work out is more important than that alarm to get up and go to work.  You may need that job to pay rent, and other bills but you also need your body to function at its best so that you can go to work, and live your life.  Without exercise it will not be long until your body isn't working as well as you want it to.

  • Get out of bed right as your alarm goes off, do NOT give yourself time to think about it, don't hit snooze, don't give excuses.

This is pretty self-explanatory but if you just hop out of bed right away, you are not going to get back in bed because you're already up!

  • Sleep in your workout clothes.

If you sleep in the clothes you're going to workout in you have already committed, you already have your mind made up when you go to sleep that you are going to get out of bed and workout

  • Get excited for your workout.

Think about how great your workout is going to be before you go to sleep, get excited for it.  I have talked about picking an exercise that you love and this is a great way to test that.  You should be excited about working out and morning workouts are great for a number of reasons.  One, breakfast tastes so much better when you're hungry for it and you know you have earned it.  Two, you feel amazing all day, you got up early and you're stronger than you were before.  Three, when you get home from work/school or whatever you can RELAX because you have already earned it!

  • Get a workout buddy.

If you are getting up and working out with someone that almost always forces you to get out of bed, its much harder to blow off if you're letting down someone else.

  • Plan a treat for after your workout.

Now, I do NOT mean some super sugary high fat breakfast! On the days you wake up early to workout treat yourself to a sugar free coffee or low fat latte from Starbucks or your favorite coffee store.  Or, if you make all your early morning workouts in 1 week, treat yourself to a pedicure.  Healthy rewards are the best way to stick to a health plan!

  • Go to bed earlier!

I know this is easier said than done, but set an alarm for bed time and stick to it.  Making sure you get a full nights rest will make it easier to wake up, make you feel more rested throughout the rest of the day and help you reach your fitness goals faster.

  • Remember the results.

Which is more important to you? Your fitness and health goals or spending an extra hour in bed? Always your health and fitness goals! So wake up and go workout!

  • Always end with a good breakfast.

It is so important to re-fuel after an AM workout with enough protein, fats, carbs and water. This will set you up for a successful day, which will make you feel better and more energized throughout the rest of the day.