Personal Training for Taylor Merloni is more than a profession; it's a passion to help better people on the principle of personal improvement not profit. She takes the time to listen to you, to hear your goals and figure out a workout plan that works for you. Money is not the motivation for Taylor; she's more worried about your happiness and reaching YOUR goals and won’t stop till the goal is reached. I can personally attest for the skill, dedication and personality of Taylor as she was not only my trainer this summer, but also turned out to be one of my friends. Her expertise ranges from one on one personal attention for target goals, to early morning group tabata style workouts; Taylor always knows what she’s doing. She motivates her clients by reminding them of their goals and helping push them through the hard parts. She really does care, and will care for you too.

-Andrew M.

I have been working with Taylor as my personal trainer for a little over 6 months and my strength has remarkably improved. I no long have the low back pain I once complained of due to strengthening my core. From curtsey squats to burpees for lower body and TRX and planks for upper body, Taylor always has a creative and unique approach to a workout session. Taylor has been able to teach me workout routines that are easily done at home or while away with out having to use exercise machines and gyms. Taylor understands my schedule of working nights and not always able to make it to the gym and created workouts that can be done anytime and any location. Getting started was the hardest part for me but Taylor was there for me and kept pushing. She never let me give up or take the easy way out and today when i work out on my own that is what stays with me…to keep going.

-Natalie N.