Sticking With It

Sticking With It

Sticking with something you haven't been doing that long is hard work.  It takes a lot of effort, time and discipline to change your habits to new, healthier and more productive ones.  That's why so many people have such a hard time living a healthy lifestyle and why so many people fail to reach their health and fitness goals.  This is so unfortunate because if they just stuck with their plans a little longer, gave a little more effort, and committed they would reach their goals.

The book I'm reading and some of the health and fitness groups I belong to really stress consistency.  Which is something I haven't really thought that much about until recently.  But it makes sense, to see real change you need to be consistent.  That goes with anything in life, health and fitness, personal development, playing an instrument, learning to do a headstand, building a business, going to school or whatever it may be that you are trying to accomplish.  None of these things will happen unless you show up every single day and do something that will move you closer to the direction of your end goal.  Without consistency, you can not succeed.

This is such a hard concept for us to grasp because we are taught to expect immediate results.  We want things to happen overnight and when they don't we give up.  Each time we give up, we are that much further away from our goals and that much more disappointed.

Here are some of my tips to make sure you stick with it, and guarantee you reach your health and fitness goals!

Track your progress

This one is super important because it will show you how far you have already come when you're ready to give up.  Hop on a scale, take pictures, or try on a pair of old pants.  Even though you may not be feeling a difference in your body that very moment does't mean you aren't improving.  If you are exercising and eating well then you are working towards your goals and if you're tracking your progress you will be able to see that.


Pictures taken just a couple months apart, since there is no major difference I clearly need to change my plan up!

Plan ahead

Make time for things that are important, in this case exercise!  Always schedule your workouts so you can't say you don't have time.  If you are unprepared you are so much more likely to skip it or give up.  Even write your workout plan a month in advanced, or pick a program that has a calendar drawn up for you already.

Reward Yourself

Pick healthy rewards for hitting short term goals.  If your goal is to exercise 5 days this week and you succeed treat yourself to a pedicure, or buy yourself a new workout outfit.  The key to this is to pick a healthy reward!


My favorite reward, iced coffee!

Join a support group

Joining fitness support groups and communities is a great way to be held accountable for workouts and nutrition.  These groups are also incredibly motivating and most of the time people are doing the same exact workouts you are and facing the same challenges.  Visit my Train With Me page for more info!

Hire a Coach

 Sometimes it really is challenging to hold yourself accountable.  That is why there are health and fitness professionals out there to help you through every step of the way and recommend workouts and nutrition plans for you.  I would love to help you reach your health and fitness goals, send me a message and we can talk more!

Those are my tips for sticking with a healthy life! Please comment below sharing your own tips!