South Western United States

South Western United States

Good evening everyone! Since most of my posts so far have been about health and fitness I decided to write about travel today.  Since I am not currently traveling I am going to do a little throwback post to a trip I took a few years ago with my family.  I decided to write about this trip for a number of reasons. 1. It was an amazing trip where I was able to stay very active, so I definitely recommend this trip to anyone who is looking for a healthy active vacation.  2. This is a US trip, so if you're new to travel and you live in the United States this might be a little more comfortable for you since you do not have to go out of the country. 3. Because right now I am dreaming about being in the hot weather.

This family vacation started in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I know this seems like a pretty strange place to go with your family, and at the time I was 18 so it was not all that fun but we were only there for a night.  We flew into Las Vegas because it is one of the cheaper airports to fly into, so if you are planning a trip to this area of the US (or anywhere, really) I suggest looking at nearby airports for better flight deals.  Flights are usually the most expensive part of the trip and it takes practice to find a good deal, so make sure you look at a bunch of different airports, dates and times.


We rented and RV and drove from Las Vegas to Zion National Park in Utah.  I 100% suggest doing this as a road trip with as many people as you can tolerate.  Going with family was great because well, I was 18 and didn't have to pay for anything (thanks again mom and dad!!) and it was a great bonding experience.  But, if you can't go with family, get some friends together and split the cost of everything. Go camping!! This is an amazing part of the country and the camp grounds are great, it gets you outside and really connected with the environment.  In Zion we did a hike called Angel's Landing, this hike was incredibly challenging, long and terrifying. I highly recommend it because the views were out of this world and worth every second of the pain and fear that came with hiking up.  We also did a hike called the Narrows.  This hike was almost entirely in the water, which was not the most comfortable but again, views were totally worth it.


After Zion we drove to Bryce Canyon, also in Utah.  Although these drives could be pretty long they were great because it allowed us to rest up after long days of hiking. I think I spent the whole time with my face glued to the window because of the scenery.  I can not say enough how much I love this part of the country, I could never get bored at looking at the mountains and red rocks.


Bryce Canyon is famous for their hoodoos so all of the hikes are absolutely gorgeous, I can not remember the names of the hikes we went on but any in the national park that fits your hiking level I'm sure is well worth it.


After Bryce we went to the Grand Canyon, well because you can't not go to the Grand Canyon.  We hiked down into the canyon and out in the same day, this was back when I thought I was the most fit person in my family. I learned quickly that my 16 year old (at the time) brother is in amazing shape after I chased him up the canyon.  If you go on a vacation like this bring a friend or family member that will challenge your fitness, especially if that is the goal of your trip, it is always a great feeling when you return home from a vacation feeling like you are in better shape than when you left.


After the Grand Canyon we drove to Sedona, AZ.  Sedona had a a ton of cute shops to walk around, much more relaxing than the rest of our trip. Then we went back to Las Vegas and flew home.  Another Merloni family vacation in the books.  Almost 2 straight weeks of vigorous hiking, needless to say I needed a vacation from my vacation when I returned home.