Salt Lake City, Solitude Mountain, Utah

Salt Lake City, Solitude Mountain, Utah

Throw back Thursday it is and I am throwing back to another amazing family vacation! This last big trip we did as a family was definitely one for the books! We spent a week at Solitude Mountain in Salt Lake City this past March.  We had an amazing time, had great weather and pretty awesome snowboarding conditions.

We flew into Salt Lake City and I could tell that it was going to be an amazing trip from the view on the plane.  Literally the mountains are so gorgeous I'm not sure how anyone who lives in that area gets anything done! If i lived out there I would be staring out the window or finding a way to adventure through the mountains at all times!

There are SO many places to ski/snowboard near Salt Lake City, but we wanted to go to a more relaxed area with hopefully less people, and we definitely succeeded in finding that! We stayed at Solitude Mountain Resort and went snowboarding there 3 of our 4 days, the 4th day we spent at Brighton.  Brighton and Solitude are so close that they are basically the same mountain (they may actually be the same mountain).  Although they didn't offer shuttles right from Solitude to Brighton, we were able to get a ride from there to the other easy enough! Then, we snowboarded our way back at the end of the day!

Solitude is basically like a tiny village, when I say tiny I mean TINY.  We stayed at the Powderhorn lodge and it was really nice, cozy and right off the base of the mountain.  There were 2 hot tubs, a few restaurants, a game room and a gym! I used the gym a few times, it was nothing spectacular but it worked perfectly to get in a few quick circuits after a full day of snowboarding! We also when off the mountain one night for dinner at the Silver Fork Lodge, they have a shuttle that comes and picks you up just for dinner!

Snowboarding out West was definitely different than snowboarding in New England.  Although we did't have amazing powder the mountains were so different.  Everything was much more open and the trails seemed to lead right into one another like one big open mountain! Also, Solitude was much steeper than any other mountain I had ever been to, which was challenging and fun at the same time.  I spent most of my trip trying to be brave enough to snowboard the same trails as my brother and I think I actually kept up pretty well!

This was a pretty easy trip to stay healthy on.  We were so active snowboarding for the whole day, and on top of that I got a few workouts in at the gym in the lodge.  Since we were staying in a condo we were able to make our own food a lot, which was way better than eating out all the time and filling up on big, greasy meals! This was an amazing trip and I'm so thankful my parents took us on this trip! Not that I needed another reason to be thankful for my amazing parents!

If you're ever considering skiing out west I highly recommend going to Solitude!