Reykjavik, Iceland: Day 1

Reykjavik, Iceland: Day 1

Lily and I successfully made it to Iceland and we are currently in the main city of Reykjavik! Between the flight time and the time change we are running on almost no sleep but there is just so much to explore we couldn't waste our first day here.  There are also great coffee shops on every corner so the extra caffeine is definitely helping! Our first stop after getting off our shuttle was the hostel we are staying at for the next few days, Hlemmur Square which is right off of one of the main pedestrian streets.  After finding our way to the hostel and dropping off our stuff we wandered the streets, explored and took a lot of pictures!


Started the day off with a green smoothie and DELICIOUS Icelandic Greek yogurt.

My favorite thing about this city so far is the beautiful colors, and crazy grafiti and paintings on the buildings.

We stopped in this cute coffee shop called Kaffitar to warm up, I had a soy latte and a banana, healthy and delicious!

After warming up we continued to explore Reyjkavik and learn our way around.

The Marina in Reyjkavik was gorgeous, there were so many fishing boats and you could see the mountains out of the water, I couldn't get a picture that did it justice but I definitely recommend taking a walk out in this direction because the views are worth it.  The wind was CRAZY though, so I suggest bundling up because it was much colder by the water than it was in the rest of the city.

Land of course I had to try and do some yoga, even though the wind was practically blowing me over!

Lunch at Durum was a pesto, mozzarella, tomato and spinach wrap. This was a great lunch spot with a ton of healthy sandwich options!

We spent the second half of our day walking by the water and trying to find great views of the city, which we definitely did! This view is from the top of the Hallgrimskirkja church, by far the greatest view.

Although I didn't get a workout in today we walked over 30,000 steps and stayed active all day.  I also tried to eat mostly healthy foods! But I am definitely going to let myself enjoy this vacation, eat the foods I want and stay super active! Stay posted because there is much, much more to come from our Icelandic adventure!

  • Looks like a fabulous experience! Enjoy!!
  • Ken beer?