Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Throwback Thursday to Puerto Rico! I went to Puerto Rico for spring break last year, I went with my mom and we had an AMAZING time.  It was not your typical spring break, we worked out, ate healthy and enjoyed our time in the sun.

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We flew into San Juan and spent the first day exploring the city.  We walked around old San Juan, went to some museums and shops and ate the most delicious caesar salad from Hecho En Casa (go there if you have the chance!).  San Juan was a great place to be for a day but it was very touristy, when I vacation I like to try and get off the beaten path a little bit.

IMG_0907        IMG_0911


Castillo San Felipe del Moro


All the buildings in old San Juan were crazy colors so I had to take a picture in front of one of the bright red doors.


My Momma 😀

The following day we rented a car and drove to Rincón, which is a beautiful beach town on the other side of the island.  It was absolutely gorgeous, filled with surfers and the beaches looked like they were straight out of a magazine.

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We rented a small condo right on the beach, we made delicious breakfasts every morning and spent a lot of time relaxing.

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Steps beach in Rincón, this beach had great snorkeling.  It was a little bit difficult to get in and out of the water but it was worth the effort once we got in the water!

Another beach we went to was Domes Beach.  This was a big surfers beach so the waves were great! We spent a lot of time in the water just riding the waves and enjoying the gorgeous weather

IMG_1058   IMG_1059


The condo we stayed at was right down the street from a track and little outdoor gym! It was great for outdoor workouts and body weight exercises.


We found some cool waterfalls and went on great hikes! One hike we went on was very scary getting to.  The roads were super narrow and winding up a mountain, we had to beep the car horn every time we went around a turn to make sure there wasn't anyone coming the other way.  We hiked down into a cave which was pretty scary, so we didn't go very far into it! The hike was at Bosque Guajataca and if you're brave enough to drive there its a great hike!


Mom enjoying a drink after our scary drive back from the hike! I even showed her some of my college drinking games after this!! Hahha


My goal of the trip was to drink fresh coconut water and I got it! We got it at a little snack shack in the parking lot of Steps Beach.


If you are in Rincon you HAVE to find Jack's Shack, we had a hard time finding it because it is a traveling shack but it is worth the chase! We found it right outside the Lighthouse in Rincón.  We got the Fish Tacos the quinoa salad.  Everything was super fresh, delicious and healthy!

IMG_1139      IMG_1140


The last place I recommend going in Rincón is Carta Buena.  This was a great little juice and smoothie place.  Everything was so fresh and perfect for a hot day at the beach.  LOVED IT!



It was a quick week in Puerto Rico but it was amazing!