New Week, New Month

New Week, New Month

Happy Monday and Happy August first! There are so many great things about a new week and a new month, so many opportunities to start over, make new goals and set new intentions.  The start of every month I like to look back and reflect on the previous month, did I reach my goals or at least work towards them? Where can I improve, what things can I do better and be more consistent with that will help me get closer to where I want to be.

After looking back on last month I know there is a lot I can improve on.  Specifically my nutrition, my nutrition is always my biggest struggle.  I have no problem getting in hard, effective workouts 6 days a week, but eating right and eating the correct quantities of food will always be my biggest struggle! Especially when I fall off track, I tend to go WAY off the track, which is obviously bad.  Forever trying to engrain the word balance into my nutrition.

BUT I am putting all that negative energy behind me because it is August and that means another fresh start.  The best thing about a new day, month or year is that whatever you did yesterday doesn't matter.  Focus on today, and what you can do today that will bring you closer to where you want to be.  Today, I am going to eat well, exercise, meditate and be thankful for the things and people I have in my life.  I also want to set aside time for things that are important to me, like writing this blog post and reaching more people to help them achieve their health and fitness goals.  Whatever things you decide to do today, make them great and do them with a purpose.

My August Goals and Intentions

Go dairy free, I am hoping this improves my skin!

Stop tracking calories, eat intuitively

Eat more whole, natural foods.  I just went through a kick where I was eating a lot of protein bars and crap like that.  This month I am hoping to go back to the basics and enjoy more plant based snacks. Like this delicious smoothie bowl I made last week!



Be more organized

Help more people work towards their health and fitness goals

believe achieve repeat


What were your July goals? Did you reach them? Are there things you need to improve on? What do you hope to accomplish in August?

Thanks for reading!