My Mission

My ultimate goal is to help people live a healthier life without adding on stress that many workout plans and nutrition plans come with.  I can hardly express the importance of living a healthy life filled with nutritious foods and exercise, but ABOVE that I believe in balance and finding a plan that fits your life, your goals and your needs; because a plan that doesn't do that, simply won't work.

There are to many experts, personal trainers, coaches and people out there that try and fit people to health plans, instead of fitting health plans to people.  This is why so many plans fail, so many diets don't work and why so many gym memberships go to waste.  It's because YOU were not taken into consideration at all when your plan was created!

My goal is to create plans that make you stronger, faster, leaner and healthier while setting you free at the same time.  I want to set you free from strict plans, I want to set you free from counting every calorie, from leg day on Monday and 3 hour meal prep on Sunday.

Being strong, fit and healthy is so important, but it's more important to live your life.