My 2017 Goals

My 2017 Goals

I am definitely not a fan of the whole "new year, new me" quote, and I am definitely not a fan of quitting all your bad habits all at once.  Unfortunately, that's what happens to a lot of us this time of year.  We eat our way through December, exercise minimally, and then binge drink the very last night of the year, and then we hope to recover enough to make it to spin class and eat kale all day on the first of the year.  Usually this health plan lasts people until February, or until March if they're lucky, then we fall back into the same bad habits.  I believe this is because we take on TOO MUCH all at one time and we expect to get crazy results fast.

I do think it is important to create goals, especially goals that will improve our health.  With that it is important to have a plan of action on how we will achieve these goals, and obviously in doing so we are going to need to start some new habits and break some old.  However, we need to start slower, start with a few new healthy habits, and add on some more each month, that way we can keep our progress going throughout the year and create lasting healthy habits.

Then re-create this process. Re-assess your habits every few months, how did you do? Are there still habits you need to work on? Do you have room to add in some more?  What did you do well, and how can you reward yourself for sticking with it? This slow process may seem like its not as effective, but wouldn't you rather start slow and actually change your healthy habits and see real results than go balls to the wall on your health kick only to fail 1 month later?

This whole process is something I am going to really try and master this year, because I tend to be an all or nothing type of person.  I want to change all my habits at once, quit TV cold turkey even when I am in the middle of a show I love, give up sugar ad never look back, start waking up at 5:30 am every day to get my workout in and then be super productive before work and the list goes on. Unfortunately that usually leads me to a weekend of not leaving my bed watching Netflix all day and eating shit.  So this year I'm going to do it differently.

Here is a list of my 2017 goals:

Spend more time doing things I want to do, and less time doing things I feel like I SHOULD do

Work less, enjoy more

Say 'No' more often

Travel to Europe (this one may be difficult, but I am determined since I have never been!)

Stretch/ Do more Yoga

Follow IIFYM

Blog Post More Regularly

Make my Own Workout Guides

Get a Nutrition Certification

Read more

Watch less TV


Plan of Action:

I'll be waking up and working out most days early, because it's the only time I can, but on the days I can I will let myself sleep in a little bit, especially on the weekends!  I'll let myself watch TV a few nights a week, but only 1-2 episodes, not the usual 4 I like to watch at a time.  I'll use my free time at work or in between jobs to catch up with clients, read, study nutrition so I can get my certification or write blog posts instead of mindlessly scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. The nights where I am not watching TV, I'll work on the workout guides I am putting together or get extra studying in.  Before bed each night I will stretch, plan out my macros for the next day and make sure I have a time scheduled in to workout for the following day as well.

As for the traveling to Europe, not sure how exactly I'll make that happen, but I'm starting slow so I'll figure that out at some point this year.  Working less is something I'm not good at, I tend to take on a TON of things for myself to do, a full time job and then a couple part time jobs, but my goal for this year is to end it with only one job and then my online training and coaching, and my blog for income.  To make that happen I am going to make sure I commit time to developing my training plans every week and blogging every week, and making sure I only take jobs that I enjoy, even if they have very little to do with what I went to school for or what I plan on doing with my life years down the road.

Finally I plan on taking advantage of my weekends off, I plan on enjoying my free time and not working every extra minute away and saying no to working tons of extra hours or doing things I do not want to be doing.  2017 is going to be about me, enjoying my time and figuring out what I want to do with my life.