Montréal, Canada

Montréal, Canada

This past weekend Lily (my travel buddy) and I decided to finally make a trip to Montréal, Canada, something that we have been wanting to do for a very long time but never got the chance.  We drove up with some other friends and it took us about 5 hours from where we live (north of Boston).  It was a super easy drive and the whole trip was well worth it! It made the perfect weekend getaway!  We didn't really plan much before we got there besides the hostel we would stay at.  We decided to stay at the Samesun Hostel on St. Hubert street.  St. Hubert street was a great place to stay because it was in walking distance of all the bars and clubs (of course we had to go because Montréal is known for great night life) and it was about a 2 minute walk from St. Catherine street, the main pedestrian street.  If you go to Montréal you have to walk down St. Catherine street, there are so many restaurants, cafés, shops and stores and it goes through a huge part of the city.


Another thing you have to see in Montréal is old Montréal, this part of the city looks and feels just like Europe.  It is such a pretty area to walk around and a lot of it is right on the water, we walked around the parks, got coffee, lunch and some snacks at the food trucks.  We rented bikes on the street to get from our hostel to old Montréal which was a ton of fun, cheap and a great way to get around the city.  There are also a lot of really cute little shops.  The following day we walked up to Mount Royal lookout, which overlooks the city.  This was definitely a hike and I suggest wearing comfortable sneakers! Although it was all on the street and up many flights of stairs it was a very active and challenging walk, especially in the heat!  It was definitely worth the view and made for great photos with our friends!


We also spent our fair share of time throughout the weekend eating out, at bars and clubs and being healthy and not so healthy.  Some of the restaurants we went to were the Presse Cafe, La Cage, Pacini (best brunch ever you have to go!!), Piazetta and Saloon Bistro Bar.  I would definitely recommend all these place, Presse Cafe was a good coffee, grab something fast type of food place and the rest were great sit down places.  Some of the bars we went to were Chez Serge, which has a mechanical bull, Mayfair,  and Le Rouge.  All the bars we went to were really fun as well, they were kind of far (20-30 mins) walking but by the end of the night it made for some good exercise.


Overall we had a blast in Montréal and I would 100% go back to this city.  It was great for us because it is so close, but it is definitely worth the trip even if you have to come from further away.  There is a lot of active/ fun things to do in the city and plenty of places to eat out where you can get healthy options.  The nightlife is great too, which always makes for a successful vacation!


  • Sounds like you discovered tha best of Montreal! Great trip report Taylor!
    • taylormerloni
      Thanks! Definitely another successful trip!!