Hverageroi, Iceland: Hiking

Hverageroi, Iceland: Hiking

One of the things that brought us to Iceland was the beautiful scenery, and amazing hikes the country offers.  Our first hike of the trip was in Hveragerði, a small town about 45 minutes from Reyjkavík.  To get there we hopped on a bus right outside our hotel in Hlemmur and rode it to Mjobb and from there we took another bus to Hveragerdi.  The bus system is pretty good here in Iceland but it is also pretty expensive to go outside of the city, it cost us $10USD each to get one way Mjobb to Hveragerði.



Once we got to Hveragerði we didn't really know where to go to get to the start of the hike so we walked into a guest house to ask for directions.  Everyone here is so friendly and willing to help if you just ask! The lady at the guest house introduced us to a German couple that was going to the base of the hike, so we hooked a ride with them and we were on our way!

The hike was absolutely gorgeous, it wound through some mountains and brought us to some really nice hot springs.  Some of them the water was so hot it was boiling, but others were just warm enough to swim and hangout in for awhile, definitely a great resting point for the hike! The whole hike had amazing views, Iceland is a beautiful country and it is very different from anywhere I have been before.

After the hike we got some coffee and a raw cake at a little shop at the base of the hike. The raw cake was to die for and just made from dates, almonds, agave, coconut oil, cocoa and peanut butter, I'm going to have to try and recreate this when I get home!

Then we decided that we were not paying for the bus all the way back to the city so we hitchhiked our way.  We were pretty scared at first but we ended up meeting the most amazing Icelandic woman.  The whole 45 minute drive she was giving us facts about Iceland and pointing out different things we were driving by.  She also gave us some suggestions of things to do later in our trip and her phone number and email address in case we needed anything.  Our first hitchhiking experience was a success!