HIIT and Arm Workout

HIIT and Arm Workout


Good morning everyone! Today I decided that I would share the arm and HIIT workout that I did yesterday.  I always seem to save arms and HIIT for the middle of the week which are my two least favorite things.   Oh well, I did feel great when I was done and looked down at my polar and saw that I had burned 567 calories in under an hour and I was dripping in sweat.

HIIT- 5 minute warm up on 7.5mph 1.0% Incline

-5, 1 minute intervals with a 1 minute rest all on a 1.0% Incline

-High Interval- 9.0mph to start, each interval I add .1-.2 mph, with my last interval ending at 10.0mph

-Rest Interval- 5.0mph-6.5mph, I gradually increase the speed over the 1 minute rest

-Cool down- 3 minutes walking at 3.0mph

I was really happy with this workout because I almost never get my heart rate over 178 bpms (beats per minute), but during the last interval of my sprint my heart rate was 183 bpms and I definitely felt the difference.

After my sprint workout I stretched a little bit but I didn't want my heart rate to drop to low because I was doing a circuit as an arm workout.  I picked 15 different arm and ab exercises, did each exercise non stop for 30 seconds with a 15 second rest in between exercises and I repeated that twice.  I finished off with some heavier weights and my arms were pretty dead by the end of it.

Combining higher intensity bursts of cardio exercises and strength exercises is a great way to torch calories and build lean muscles.  I definitely recommend circuit training to anyone that is trying to lose weight and lean out. Contact me if you have any questions or want some suggestions of circuit workouts!

Here are some of the arm and ab exercises I included in my circuit.


-Tricep Dips

-Mountain Climbers

-Bosu Ball Burpees

-Dumbbell Clean and Press

-Bench hops


Thanks for reading! I hope everyone was able to get in a great workout today!