Health and Fitness Goals

Health and Fitness Goals

Hey everyone! I wanted to take the time to talk about how important it is to set goals, fitness goals, career goals, life goals and just general goals.  I know most people have a list of goals they want to accomplish, but they have never written them down or planned out how exactly they are going to accomplish them.  Goals give you something specific to look forward to and usually have a specific time frame so you can measure and track your progress.  All goals are important, and necessary but for now, I'll stick to talking about health and fitness goals because those are the kind of goals that I help people reach



For fitness goals it is important to be specific and know your starting point.  Get in shape, is not a good goal, neither is lose weight, or build muscle.  Yes, those are all fantastic general goals, but how will you measure if you are getting stronger? So measure where you started, how much you weigh, your percent body fat, how much weight you can lift for a given exercise, just measure something!  Another great idea for this is to take a picture, to measure visible changes, although you should have goals other than physical changes.   It is also important to have a timeline of when you want to reach this goal.  Without that deadline it is likely that your goal will keep getting pushed off. Finally, write it down! Put it in a place that you will see it every. single. day.  If you see your written goal every day you will work towards it everyday and that will make all the difference.

Another thing I think is important is to have goals other than changing your appearance.  Yeah, we all just wanna look good and have nice abs and a nice butt, trust me I know those are on my list of goals too, but before that I want to get stronger and get faster and just better than I am right in this very moment.  I always want to look better, but I also want to be proud of my body in every stage of my health and fitness journey.


My Fitness Goals

Be able to hold a Handstand

Be able to do AT LEAST 1 pull-up

18% Body Fat


These are my specific goals for the end of the summer, they are definitely stretch goals, but not completely unrealistic as long as I focus and really practice, train hard, and eat right! Share your goals Below!!