Effective Workout Tips

Effective Workout Tips



Working out is hard, making sure you have a good workout is even harder. There are a lot of components that make sure you have an effective workout.  These are the rules I follow to make sure every workout I have is the best it can be!

Get a good nights sleep

Being well rested is one of the most important things in staying healthy and feeling your best during your workout and your everyday life.  This is KEY in a morning workout!

Eat some Carbs!

Being properly fueled is another important part of having a great workout. Eating some healthy carbs will provide you quick energy to have an effective workout.  Some snack ideas are a banana, rice cakes or rye crisp breads with avocado or peanut butter, granola, low-sugar power bar or granola bar.

Get motivated 

Get pumped up for your workout! Look forward to it, listen to good music, do whatever you need to do to get ready and motivated for your workout.

Track your workout

Get a fit bit, polar watch, or other fitness tracker that tracks the amount of time you have worked out and heart rate.  Your heart rate shows you how hard you have worked out and if you need to up the intensity to get the results you want.

Plan out what you're doing before you start 

Plan out a whole workout before you start so you make sure to get every muscle group, and get the most out of each workout.  This also prevents you from quitting your workout early! If you need help coming up with an organized and effective workout visit my train with me page!