Balancing a Busy Life

Balancing a Busy Life



Fitting in exercise and healthy foods is not easy these days.  I'm sure I am not the only one with a million things going on every single day, it seems like my planner is always full and I am always on the run to my next task. I currently work 3 jobs, I am a part-time student, I am taking Spanish lessons and I am desperately trying to get my online training business up and running.  On top of that I do like to spend time with friends and family, relax and of course workout and cook healthy foods.  If I can balance all of these things and still get enough sleep every night then I know you can too. Here are some of my tips to live a more balanced life.

Prioritize! Pick things that are the most important to you and make time for them and pick healthy activities you love to do.  For me, working out is always a priority and I love it, but making sure I meal prep and make healthy foods for the week.. not one of them, I'll scrape together healthy options at the last minute to make more time for working out any day.


Quit watching so much T.V. I know you have heard this a million times but seriously, quit the T.V. or pick 1 or 2 shows to watch a week.  I am obsessed with Criminal Minds, so I always make sure I take one hour a week to catch up on the last episode, this always counts as my ME time.

Wake up earlier, eat breakfast and plan your day.  I always make sure I wake up AT LEAST an hour before I have to leave the house (unless I'm training a client at like 5 a.m.).  This time in the morning makes me so much more organized, and it wakes me up making my day a whole lot more productive.

Put the phone away during work time.  This is something I definitely need to work on myself, I will be typing away writing a paper for class or writing a blog post and next thing I know I'm scrolling though Instagram.  Phone's are so distracting and just by putting it away for an hour you will get so much more work done!

Always keep workout clothes with you.  You never know when you will have some spare time to workout! At least with my ever changing schedule a client could cancel and next thing I know I have a spare hour to kill.  That is always nice because then I usually end up at home an hour or so earlier than I would have been.

Workout harder and smarter, not longer.  Although I am a huge fan of an hour long spin class, an hour workout is not always necessary.  A 30 minute high intensity interval training session, or circuit training session will torch the calories and build lean muscle and give you an extra 30 minutes to your day.  If you need ideas on some fast, fat blasting workouts send me a message!


Make leftovers.  I am not a fan of meal prep Sunday, I have no desire to eat the same soggy chicken, brown rice and vegetables every day for a week, in fact I will NEVER ever do that.  However, if I am making something for dinner or lunch I do make sure to make an extra serving or two for the day after if I know I'll be rushing around.

Meditate or take a yoga class at least once a week.  I try and go to yoga 1-2x per week and it definitely helps me take a step back from life and be mindful for an hour an a half.


Find your productive place.  I can not do work in my house, I end up cleaning my room, cooking or doing a thousand things that are not what I am supposed to be doing.  I recently discovered that Barnes and Nobel is a great place to get work done and enjoy some Starbucks.


Take time off, vacation, explore and enjoy your life.  Vacationing is my favorite thing ever, and I always like having a trip to look forward to because I love having the mental break from my busy schedule.  The gym will always be there when you get back, and so will your job or another job, your friends and your family.



These are just some tips that work for me to help keep my life a little less crazy! I would love to hear what works for you, leave me comments!