At Home Workout Tips

At Home Workout Tips

There are so many ways to stay healthy and workout without ever leaving your home.  I do so many workouts at home and I absolutely love it.  There isn't anyone to bother me or get in my way, and when I'm done I just hop in my own shower and continue on my day.  Sure going to a gym has its perks, there is a lot more space for equipment, and there is equipment period, but you DO NOT need all that equipment to get in an effective full body workout!

Workouts done at home have many advantages, but in my opinion the biggest advantage of an at home workout is that it is quick and convenient for busy people.  Driving to the gym takes time and so does going home and getting ready for your day once you're done with the gym.  As long as you learn how to make the most out of your at home workout, you will be burning just as many calories, if not more than when you are at the gym and be well on your way to reaching your goals.


400 Calories burned from an at home workout!!


Here are some tips I use to make sure I am getting in a great full body workout!

Set a timer! Workout hard for 20-30 minutes and DO NOT stop until its over!

Do exercises that incorporate larger muscle groups, the larger the muscles used the more calories you burn!

Add bursts of cardio exercises or plyometric exercises, like jump rope or jump squats to elevate your heart rate!

Follow a workout video, there are so many great workout videos out there that are super motivational! If you need suggestions send me a message!

Don't be afraid to use some not-so-typical workout equipment like a chair or anything heavy you can hold!

Invest in some good dumbbells, this will ensure you are getting in a great workout!

Here are some exercises you should incorporate into an at home workout!

Squats, regular body weight squats or jump squats.

Push-ups, make sure you are performing them correctly!

Lunges, regular body weight or jump lunges.

Mountain climbers, another one to get your heart rate up!

Planks, for a strong core.



I also love taking my workout outside! Especially this time of year, its a great way to enjoy the beautiful weather.