Accountability and Getting Results

Accountability and Getting Results

From my experience as a personal trainer and health coach, it seems to be that sticking to a program is the hardest part for a lot of people.  There is somewhere between starting a program and making working out an every day habit that just throws people off and many never reach their goals they hoped they achieve.  After all, if everyone could stick with a workout program most people would be in great shape and have reached their goals already (assuming you have a workout program tailored to your specific goals).



So if it's that simple, why don't people stick with exercise? There are a ton of reasons, lack of time, lack of knowledge, lack of motivation or anything else.  I guarantee that if everyone was held accountable, I mean really accountable to exercise every day, or most days of the week more people would reach their goals.  I am a personal trainer, which is great, but unfortunately I really only see my clients 2-3 hours a week, thats 165 hours a week that I have no idea what my clients are doing, what they're eating and if they are doing the workouts they are supposed to be doing on their own.  Fortunately, many people do succeed at this, and it is worth it for them to pay hundreds of dollars a month for about 12 hours of my time.  On the other hand, there are other people out there that this system does not work for at all.  They think why? I have a personal trainer, I work my butt off 3 hours a week, why isn't this working?

My answer to that is for most people 3 hours is not enough, its not enough to just work hard those 3 hours.  What really matters is what's going on the rest of the time.  What are you doing for workouts at home? What are you eating? Do you have a hard time motivating yourself to workout when you're alone?  That's why I am a huge fan of online accountability groups.  It doesn't require a specific meeting with a trainer or nutritionist, its enough to keep you accountable and make sure you're sticking to the plan, without taking a lot of time or costing you hundreds of dollars every month.



This method also helps you build long term friendships with the people in your group, helps you actually CHANGE your LIFESTYLE, instead of just relying on a quick fix and its customizable to your schedule, your life, and your goals.

Another reason that people don't see the results they want is not having a program customized to them.  Many times, personal trainers or fitness professionals try and take their expertise and make every clients they have fit into that box.  When really, we need to be the ones tailoring programs to the individual, and considering not only their starting point, their goals, but choosing some form of exercise that they like to do.  We can create a great exercise program for someone that will help them reach their goals, is the best for their health but if they don't like it, then the chances of them sticking with it are pretty low.That is why in my opinion to get people the BEST results we need a health and fitness option that is customized to the person, it considers their health and fitness goals, their starting point, the best options for their health and function and is also a program that they will like to do. Most people also need an option that is affordable, and worth their money, meaning they get true value out it, they get more than 3 hours of workouts a week but a place to check in every day and be motivated to eat healthy and workout more than just the days they are meeting with their trainer.  Health and fitness is a lifestyle, and its time we start treating it as that, to join one my latest accountability groups, click here so you can start achieving your health and fitness goals.