Acadia National Park, Maine

Acadia National Park, Maine

Happy Monday! I just had one of the best weekends i have had in awhile! Usually I spend my weekends working, which isn't to much fun! But this past weekend Derrick came up to visit and we went to Acadia National Park and Portland Maine! We drove to Acadia from my house on the North Shore, and it took about 4 hours to get there, so it was a little long but WELL worth it!

We knew we waned to go on a quick hike when we first got there, and we also wanted to explore the park a little bit and drive around.  So drove around and quickly realized that there was absolutely no where to park because it was mid-afternoon on a Friday.  If you want to drive yourself around Acadia I definitely suggest getting an early start or going in the middle of the week, because the whole weekend we were there was crazy busy!! We decided that we would drive back to the visitor center and take a shuttle from there to a place we wanted to hike.  We got off randomly because we were sick of riding the bus and stumbled upon Dorr Mountain.  A short, 1.6 mile hike with gorgeous views.  This hike wasn't very challenging, there were some steep parts but it only took us about an hour so it wasn't to bad! The views were totally worth it! Most of the hike wound up the side of the mountain so you could see the water almost the whole hike up!  When we got to the top you could see Cadillac Mountain (the highest mountain in the park) and the water.  Definitely a must do if you visit Acadia!

After our hike we had to find a campground to stay at (because the one I booked was over an hour away, whoops).  So we drove around and ended up staying at Hadley's Campground, the people that worked there were nice, but the campsites were small and very out in the open, and we felt like our tent was right next to our neighbors.  We spent the night walking around Bar Harbor, we got dinner at Bar Harbor Beer Works and then we got some Ice-cream!

When we woke up the next morning we didn't know what hike we should do! We wanted to do Cadillac because we heard it had a beautiful sunrise, but we had missed that by a couple hours because we wanted to sleep in! So instead we decided to Beehive and I think we definitely made a good decision.  Although Beehive is only 450 feet up it was a very challenging hike, almost straight up the entire way! We also had to pull ourselves up using metal rungs and ladders, which made for an exciting (or scary, depending on who you're asking!) climb up!

After our exciting hike up beehive we decided to drive around some more and walk by the water, sit on the rocks and hangout a bit before our 3 hour drive to Portland.  The ocean breeze was just what we needed after a hot and sweaty hike.  The views were absolutely beautiful and the color of the water was like no other.  I could have hung out by the water all day!

It was a busy couple of days, and if you have the time I highly recommend spending more time in this amazing area.  I could have stayed there a whole week and been perfectly entertained the whole time! We are already planning out trip back!

What's your favorite active vacation?