23: My Best Year Yet

23: My Best Year Yet

Happy Birthday to me! If you told 21 year old me that on the morning of my 23rd Birthday I would be sitting in my bed at 6am writing a blog post, doing something I was passionate about, building a name for myself, seeing awesome results in the gym and loving every bit of life I probably would have thought you were crazy.  Also because 21 year old me would have already been getting ready for the wild night out I was planning to have and just sitting around waiting for some great opportunity to land in my lap instead of actually making results of my own.




I have always been the girl that gets by in almost everything I've done.  School was never that hard for me, I would throw together 5 page essays without proof reading them, I never actually did the assigned reading but somehow I managed to get through college with only 1 C on my transcript.  I applied for a million jobs, went on interviews and got them, in fact I have had so many jobs since I graduated college my friends constantly have to ask where I am working and what I'm doing now.  But I never stuck with anything or really poured my heart into something like school or work before.  I always just did it because that's what I was supposed to be doing, and that was the next step in my life.  Go to college, get decent grades, graduate, get a mediocre job, make crap money and complain about how all I do is spend money on my student loans, my car payment and food.

live everyday with intention

I say a lot that my dream is to not have a job and just travel the world, and people usually laugh at me and they're like well duh that's everyones dream job.  I say I'm not built for a 9-5 job, but really I don't think anyone is built to sit all day and do something they aren't 100% passionate about (and for the people that are passionate about their job, good for you!!).  So as unrealistic as it may sound I am going to dedicate my 23rd year to making myself happy, doing things I want to do and building the career I want to have.  Something that I work hard for, LOVE, am fulfilled by and something that gives me the flexibility to go on all the crazy adventures my heart desires.

I have decided to dedicate my 23rd year to this because I have had some AMAZING things going on in my life lately, which is why my posting has been slacking.  I feel as if things are getting off to a slow start and I'm finally okay with that! I am an incredibly inpatient person, I always want things right now, I want results right now I want answers right now and if I don't get what I want right now its not good enough.


what comes east wont last

Unfortunately that's not how life is, and although many people have figured that out already, and people have told me to be patient I never really listened.  I'm still inpatient and I still want immediate results but I am getting better at accepting the fact that good things are worth the wait.  I mean that in fitness, my work life and travel/adventure life.

A great accomplishment I have had recently is seeing results in my fitness.  I changed up my routine, changed up my eating plan and it took a but of sticking with it but it paid off! People have been telling me I look smaller, my arms look more toned I look like I lost weight and I was like no, no, no that didn't happen.  But it did, and it happened over the last few months, of me making small changes and staying consistent the whole time.

Another amazing thing that has developed recently is my online coaching business.  It started off because I was curious and looking for something to fill the whole that personal training didn't fill for me.  But it turned into me building amazing friendships, finding a support system and helping myself more than I helped other people.  Which is exactly what I needed to do before I started coaching others.

Finally, I can only say a little about this but waiting for flights! I have been looking for flights to a specific area for a LONG TIME and i have wanted to go for a LONG TIME.  But flights are always out of this world expensive, and finally my patience paid off because  the next adventure is coming up and its going to be the best one yet!

So that's the update on my life, I'm 23, I'm happy and I'm just getting started on my best year.

Thanks for reading! XOXO Taylor