Journal Entry 1: Where I’m At and Where I’m Going

Journal Entry 1: Where I’m At and Where I’m Going

I'll be the first to day that I have tried every "diet" or healthy eating plan out there.  I was always looking for some new way of eating to adopt as my new lifestyle.  My problem with these eating plans was that I got tired of eating out of small colored containers, weighing every gram of food and staying away from bread.  For me these plans were not sustainable, they are't a lifestyle and they aren't realistic.  These diet plans also taught me to ignore my internal hunger cues, and ended up creating way more harm than good. So I have officially dumped the diet mentality, the tracking macros, the Whole30, paleo whatever lifestyle. I gave up on these plans so I could really listen to my body, eat what I want, when I want, and become an intuitive eater once again.

For years I looked for a diet plan or workout plan to "fix" what was wrong with me and to solve all my problems. I thought looking a certain way would make me happier, make me a better personal trainer and health coach.

This way of thinking got me no where. Absolutely no where.  Instead of focusing on what I was good at, I was focusing on what my weaknesses were, which was sticking to a nutrition plan and changing the way I looked.

I was focusing so much fitting into a box that I lost focus on things that really mattered. I stopped eating things that I loved, I stopped doing the exercises that I really enjoyed and I stressed myself out about things that really don't matter.  How will having 6-pack abs make me a better personal trainer? It definitely won't.

So far, the journey has been going amazing.  I have had ups and downs and I have really been more in tune with my body and what it needs.  Some days I eat pizza and Oreos, other days I eat salads and chicken, because thats what I want and thats what makes me feel good.

Even though I have only been in the intuitive eating mindset it has really amazed me the difference it makes.  I used to spend SO much time and energy creating little meal plans for myself, planning and cooking food for the week, and just time thinking about food.  I can not even explain the head space that has come with this intuitive eating lifestyle.  I now have so much more time to think and do other things than obsess about what I am going to eat every day.

Another thing that happened (which I never thought was possible) is just my general disinterest in some foods.  Foods that would have once been such a "treat" I realize that I really don't ever crave or have any desire to eat.  The only reason those foods even seemed appealing to me was because I somehow deemed them to be "bad" and not a food that I can eat.

The intuitive eating journey has been quite the learning experience so far, I am looking forward to seeing where it takes me.

Thanks for reading