10k Training Plan

10k Training Plan

Hey everyone, so last week I had a moment of serious ambition and signed up to run a 10k race in October.  It doesn't seem like much, especially considering I have run 3 half marathons, but since my last one I haven't really been much of a runner.  I go for really short runs, like 2-3 miles and usually call it a day and go to my strength training or circuit training from there.  BUT I have been wanting to get back into running for awhile now and I figured signing up for a race was a no escape way to get me to run again!

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I love running, really it is my favorite exercise but sometimes I have a hard time following a training plan, and I definitely can't just show up to this race without training for it! So I wanted to share my training plan for the race.  Keep in mind this is just my running plan, which is probably a lot lighter than many of the plans you have seen before.  I did this because strength training is incredibly important to me and I want to make sure I have enough energy to still get in good strength workouts.  I also recommend strength training even if you are a hard core runner.  Strength training will ONLY improve your running, help prevent injuries and just help create a more functional and balanced body.  So although my goal is to get back into running and training for running, I don't want to let that compromise all the gains I have made in the gym!




This is a 9 week Plan, because thats how much time I have to prepare for the race! It is pretty modifiable though for any amount of time and any distance, it follows a pretty simple pattern and progression.

Day 1: Tempo run (running at a shorter distance, faster pace or race pace)

Day 2: Hills

Day 3: off/cross train

Day 4: Long Slow Distance

Day 5: Sprints

Day 6: off/ slow and easy run

Day 7: off/slow and easy run


I organized my plan like this because I want to have time to recover, up my milage over a long period of time, be able to increase my running speed and also get some metabolic training i.e. sprints.

My goal for the race is to run 8 minute miles.  So for my tempo runs I will start by running 3 miles at that 8 minute mile pace, every other week I will add a mile or 1/2 mile depending on how my training is going.

For my hill sprint days, I run fast up a 200 meter hill.  I started with 5 hills and plan on adding 1 each week.

Long slow distance days will take place on days where I don't lift or do any other training.  The first week I will start with 3 miles and increase to 4 after the first week, then every other week I will add 1 mile.

Sprints will be 50 meter sprints, as fast as possible, starting with 10 and adding 1-2 every other week.  This is more so I can get some interval training/ metabolic training, that way if I need to increase my pace while I am running the race I will be more prepared to do so!

I am also planning on slowing down the week before the race, not doing as many hills or sprints and really focusing on making sure I am recovering, stretching/foam rolling and having enough energy to run!

There is SO much that goes into a proper training plan.  Different types of runs to make sure you have trained properly for the distance, the pace you want to run and potential hills on the course! Anyone planning on training for a race should also incorporate a strength plan.  For more information on adding a strength plan to your running plan please visit my Train With Me page! Good luck running and working out!

  • I'm not a running person, but I admire a lot people like you. Hope you'll have an amazing experience in October, Taylor!
    • taylormerloni
      Thank you so much Cristina!
  • I love running! I've done a 5k and a half marathon but never a 10k. It's on my list though!
    • taylormerloni
      Hi Cassandra! I love running too and same here! I've done a few half marathons and a bunch of 5k's so a 10k will be something different!!
  • that's hard work! Good luck! I've ran two half marathons and its so hard to get psyched up for it, but its such a good feeling to cross that finish line!
    • taylormerloni
      I completely agree, Kate! Finishing is the best part! Thanks for your comment!
  • Kristia
    The past two years my mom and I have done a 10K Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. The first year I did about 12 min miles, last year I was hoping to run it a bit faster but it was about 30 degrees out so I did about 12.5 minute miles. This year I'm hoping for 11 or better. I might steal/borrow your training schedule and adapt it to my time frame. Thanks and good luck! :)